2ème Midi-MAP cette semaine ! Vendredi 22 septembre, salle A3-108 : Urban Digital Twin and AI-Enhanced Mobility Mapping System

Dr. Gunho Sohn will present advancements in Urban Digital Twins and Mobility Mapping Systems, highlighting collaborative efforts such as OnTRAC with Thales Canada, ISSUM with Esri Canada, and 3D Mobility Mapping AI (3DMMAI) with Teledyne Geospatial. These projects leverage mobile mapping systems and deep convolutional neural networks for an array of applications. Furthermore, the augmented 3D models integrate with urban ICT, offering real-time decision support and spatial awareness. This fusion of virtual and physical urban space provides an innovative platform for efficient infrastructure monitoring and management, answering some of today’s most pressing urban sustainability challenges.

Dr. Gunho Sohn is an Associate Professor and, as of July 2023, serves as the Chair of the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering at York University. He also holds the position of Inaugural Director of the Mobility Innovation Centre (MOVE) at the Lassonde School of Engineering. He is a distinguished figure in the fiels of spatial data analytics, computer vision, and machine learning.

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