Congratulations Martin!

At FRQNT's Annual Research Day, CARTEL's research collaborator Martin Aubé received the 2014 Award of Excellence for his research.

Further information:

Congratulations Martin!

Martin Béland receiving the prize for the "Thesis of the year 2012" from the Canadian Remote Sensing Society's president, Dr Monique Bernier.
Martin Béland

Further information: Thèse de l'année pour Martin Béland

Congratulations to our graduate scholarship winners!

Bilel Chaghaf has been granted a scholarship from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Bilel Chaghaf, a doctoral candidate supervised by Goze Bertin Bénié, has been granted a training scholarship for 2-months in the Unites States by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Founded in 1848, this prestigious association also publishes the journal « Science ».

Alexandre Langlois' article is on the cover page of the journal Water Resources Research

Bilel Chalgaf returns from the Worldleish 5 international meeting on leishmaniasis

Held every five years, this meeting was hosted this year in Brazil from 12 to 17 May 2013 and welcomed more than 1200 participants from 44 countries. Bilel Chalgaf presented his work : "Ecological niche modeling for the prediction of the geographic distribution of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Tunisia".

For more informtion, see the conference website.

Bilel Chalgaf Bilel Chalgaf Bilel Chalgaf

Professor Alexandre Langlois begins new project on avalanche risk prediction

The main objective of this project is to develop improved avalanche risk predictions using the Swiss SNOWPACK model. The model will be improved by contributing to the geophysical properties of snow cover, in particular the grain size. The model will be adapted to the scale of mountains using GIS tools. Two Masters students will work on this project.

Field sites: Chics Chocs (Gaspésie), Jasper National Park (AB), Glacier National Park (BC)

Financement : National Search and Rescue Secretariat

Federal partner: Parks Canada

Project title: Avalanche prediction improvement: measurements and modeling

Duration: 3 years, 2013-2016

Principal collaborators: Alain Royer (U. Sherbrooke) and Bruce Jamieson (U. Calgary)

CARTEL scholarships for winter 2013

Congratulations to the CARTEL scholarship recipients!

  • Bilel Chalghaf (Ph. D.)
  • Marc-André Faucher (M. Sc.)
  • Nicolas Marchand (Ph. D.)
  • Benoît Montpetit (Ph. D.)
  • Francine Nzang Essono (Ph. D.)
  • Sébastien Rodrigue (M. Sc.)

Each student has been awarded a CARTEL scholarship ($1000).

CARTEL scholarships for autumn 2012

Congratulations to the CARTEL scholarship recipients!

Each student has been awarded a CARTEL scholarship ($1000).

Cartel welcomes Ghislain Picard

Ghislain Picard, associate member of CARTEL and "professeur associé" of the Département de Géomatique appliquée, is on sabbatical with us for 3 months (from June 11 to September 15).

Ghislain is "Maitre de conférence" at the Université de Grenoble and a researcher at the Laboratoire de glaciologie et géophysique de l'environnement (LGGE). He was recently made a junior member of the prestigious "Institut universitaire de France" (IUF), for 5 years. The IUF is an organisation "without walls" which supports the best lecturer-researchers in French universites for their excellence in research.

Ghislain participated in the measurement campaign in Antarctica this past winter with his colleague Alain Royer for their "BIPOL" project. The objective of his stay in Sherbrooke is to process and analyse the data acquired during this campaign.

Far from the hustle and bustle of his regular schedule in Grenoble, he also hopes to advance his writing of several articles in progress, as long as the banging of pots allows him to write!

This sabbarical is funded by an exchange France-Québec CARTEL-LGGE and by the Région Rhône Alpes.

We welcome our colleague and wish him a most productive visit..

Congratulations Myriam Lemelin!

Best student poster 2012 - 33rd Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing:

1st Place : Myriam Lemelin (Université de Sherbrooke). "Ilmenite Detection on the Moon by Remote Sensing : An Integration of Multisensor Datasets over Mare Australe and Mare Ingenii Regions."

Congratulation to Daouda Sylla and Shems-eddine Zidane, our most recent graduates!

(photo below: Yannick Huot, director of CARTEL, and Daouda Sylla)

Daouda Sylla

(photo below: Shems-eddine Zidane)

Shems-eddine Zidane

Congratulations to our scholarship winners!

A CARTEL scholarship ($1000) has been awarded to each student.

Brice Mora is the new Project Officer for GOFC-GOLD LC in Holland

Brice Mora, a former doctoral student at CARTEL (Richard Fournier, thesis supervisor) has a new position in Holland as the Project Officer for the "Global Observation of Forest Cover and Land Dynamics (GOFC-GOLD) Land Cover Implementation Team".

"GOFC-GOLD is a coordinated international effort working to provide ongoing space-based and in-situ observations of the land surface for the sustainable management of terrestrial resources and to obtain an accurate, reliable, quantitative understanding of the terrestrial carbon budget." (GOFC-GOLD website)

Interview of professor Norman T. O'Neill for "Les mercredis lumière", Subject : Closing of the Eureka station

On March 7, 2012, Professor Norman T. O'Neill was interviewed by Yanick Villedieu of Radio-Canada's program "Les mercredis lumière" to discuss the closure of the Eureka station (first 10 minutes of the show).

Listen to the Radio-Canada interview (French only) with Norm O'Neill

Additional information:

Watch video and read article by CBC News "High Arctic research station forced to close"

Read Nature News Blog: "Canadian Arctic research station to close part-time"

CBC News: "Bob McDonald: Closure of polar lab a blow to Canada's scientific reputation"

Read the article in Le Devoir « La station Eureka fermera en avril » (French only)

The hottest articles in the journal Agricultural Forest & Meteorology

An article by CARTEL researchers is amongst the most frequently downloaded articles from July to September 2011 in the journal Agricultural Forest & Meteorology (impact factor 3,228) :

Estimating leaf area distribution in savanna trees from terrestrial LiDAR measurements
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 151(9): 1252-1266
Béland, M.; Widlowsky J-L.; Fournier R.A.; Côté, J.-F.; Verstraete, M.M.

Article in pdf format

The hottest articles in the journal AFM

« Une équipe de l'UdeS récoltera des données inédites en Antarctique »

Read the article at Radio-Canada (in French)

Read the article in La Tribune (in French)

Read the article by the Université de Sherbrooke (in French)

Journée de la Géomatique 2011

« Une science omniprésente dans la vie quotidienne »

Read the article by the Université de Sherbrooke (in French)

« Une équipe de l'UdeS récoltera des données inédites en Antarctique »

Read the article by the Université de Sherbrooke (in French)

« Budget hole in the ozone layer » - Les années lumières (

« The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (UNEP) will be marked this year by a draconian decrease in the federal resources provided for monitoring the ozone layer in the northern hemisphere.»

Listen to the Radio-Canada interview (in French) with Norm O'Neill


Related information (in English):

CBC News: "Canada's ozone tracking in jeopardy"

Nature News "Canadian ozone network faces axe: Arctic monitoring stations hit by budget constraints"

« Fly Me to the Moon » - All in a Weekend (

Myriam Lemelin discusses her summer internship at the Lunar Exploration Summer Intern Program

« Myriam Lemelin, a student at the Université de Sherbrooke, spent her summer helping NASA find possible landing sites on the moon.

She was the only Canadian to be chosen for this internship program.

Myriam tells Geeta about what NASA's looking for - and about her own specialty: one of the moon's most abundant rocks, ilmenite. »

Listen to the Radio-Canada interview with Myriam Lemelin

" A student in Applied Geomatics discovers a remote sensing algorithm"

Gabriel Constantin, a CARTEL student in Geographical Sciences in the Department of Geomatics discusses his Masters project concerning remote sensing algorithm for the detection of ble-green algae.

Read the article by the Université de Sherbrooke (in French)

Special presentation

INVITATION - A special presentation will be held:

Date: Thursday, 7 July
Time: 9 h 00
Room: A1-228 (Faculty of Education), University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Florent Dupont(TEL 910)
Title of the presentation: Microwave remote sensing of snow and winter surface temperatures in the Arctic environment
Director: Alain Royer
Co-director: Michel Fily

CARTEL scholarships for summer 2011

Congratulation to the recipients of CARTEL scholarships!

Each student has been awarded a CARTEL scholarship ($1000).

Professor Jérôme Théau describes the role of drones in scientific and environmental research

During the Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, which took place from 13 to 16 June in Sherbrooke, professor Jérôme Théau described the types of research that can be carried out using drones.

Additional information :

Des petits appareils qui voient grands (article in French only from La Tribune in PDF format)

Les drones de la paix (radio excerpt in French only)

Alexandre Roy awarded an FQRNT International Internship Grant

Congratulations Alexandre Roy! Alexandre Roy, a doctoral student at CARTEL (research director Alain Royer), has been awarded a scholarship for $10,000 for an internship at the Laboratoire de glaciologie et géophysique de l'environnement, Université Joseph Fournier in Grenoble, France. Alexandre's internship will be supervised by Ghislain Picard, an associate member of CARTEL. The International Internship Grant was awarded by the Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les technologies (FQRNT) through the Global Environment and Climate Change Centre (GEC3).

Myriam Lemelin selected to participate in the prestigious Lunar Exploration Summer Intern Program

Congratulations Myriam Lemelin! Myriam Lemelin, a Master's student at CARTEL and the Département de géomatique appliquée (research directors Mickaël Germain, Kalifa Goïta and Caroline-Emmanuelle Morrisset - Canadian Space Agency), will participate in the prestigious Lunar Exploration Summer Intern Program organized by the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for 2 months.

For more information (French only):

Radio-Canada Estrie

TVA (vidéo)

Page principale Université de Sherbrooke

Myriam Lemelin

Jacqueline Köhn awarded the Governor General's academic Gold Medal

Congratulations Jacqueline Köhn! Jacqueline Köhn, a recent graduate (Alain Royer, doctoral thesis supervisor) in remote sensing at CARTEL, received the Governor General's academic Gold Medal during the graduation ceremony in September, 2010.

Jacqueline Kohn

For more information (French only):

L'excellence des étudiants en géomatique est soulignée


Arctic observatory at Eureka in peril

Accompanying a Globe and Mail editorial (23 February 2011), this wonderful picture shows Konstantin Baibakov (joint Ph.D. CARTEL & the University of Bremen) manipulating a starphotometer instrument at the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL) at Eureka on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut.

The Globe and Mail editorial describes the apparent demise of the Eureka Arctic observatory due to federal inaction in funding fundamental atmospheric and climate change research. CARTEL members Norm O'Neill and Alain Royer are part of a larger PEARL group of scientists who are actively, if grudgingly, preparing for the dismantling of the instrumental infrastructure at Eureka.

Conference at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Professor Norman T. O'Neill is an invited speaker at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The title of his presentation is "The Sarychev sulphate plume over the high-Arctic; investigation of a singularily interesting event using ground-based spectral sunphotometry / lidar profiling and A-train remote sensing". The presentation will be delivered on 12 April, 2011.

Congratulations Martin Aubé!

The enthusiasm and creativity of Martin Aubé, associate member of CARTEL, as well as the excellence of his research, were honoured by the granting of the Mérite Estrien. Congratulations Martin! (See the article published in La Tribune (In French))

Congratulations Yann Blanchard!

International conference on the Arctic

Professor Alain Royer was invited to Lyon, France, to give a presentation during the "Entretiens Jacques Cartier" (22-23 November, 2010) for the "Conférence internationale sur l'Arctique - Enjeux et équations géopolitiques au 21e siècle." By bringing together geophysicists, political scientists, jurists, geographers and historians, this symposium aimed to discuss the current challenges and controversies, to clarify the modes of governance, to examine the possibility of international regulations, and to provide, in general, a scientific perspective on this geopolitical issue. Marc Lortie, Ambassador of Canada to France, gave an interesting introductory speech (in French).

Professor Alain Royer helps AERONET during a transatlantic journey

Alain Royer of CARTEL was recruited by Alexander (Sasha) Smirnov to take AERONET measurements at sea...

The Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing

The Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing will be held in Sherbrooke in 2011.
Symposium web site.
We hope to see you there!