Aurélie Schmidt


Master’s Degree


Richard Fournier

Field of research

Mapping water-related ecosystem services for forest management in Harry’s Watershed, Newfoundland, Canada

Development of a proxies-based method to quantify and map the sediment regulation service offer in a forest management context.


  • Colloque of Centre d’étude la forêt of 3rd May, Montréal 2016 : Cartographie des impacts des pratiques forestières sur les services écosystémiques de la forêt.
  • Colloque of Centre d’étude la forêt of 1 -2nd May, Montréal 2017 : Presentation of preliminary results of a more relevant spatial reference unit for Aquatic Ecosystem Service mapping.
  • Vision Géomatique conference 17 -19th October 2017, Sherbrooke: Presentation of method and results on ecosystem service mapping.


819 580-3512