Danny BlanchetteDanny Blanchette - Masters student

Contact information

Country of origin: Canada

Education before joining CARTEL: Bachelor's degree in Applied Geomatics and the Environment (Université de Sherbrooke)

Program of study: Master's degree in Geographical Sciences, Research in Geomatics stream

Research subject: Modelling and cartography of wood fibre attributes using optical and LiDAR data in Newfoundland

Thesis supervisor: Richard Fournier and J.E. Luther

Co-supervisor : Joan Luther NRCan-CFS Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Highlights of studying at CARTEL:

  • Field trips for the acquisition of LiDAR data for deciduous trees in Nova Scotia and for conifers in Newfoundland as part of the "Newfoundland Fibre Project"
  • Training on the use of the Z+F Imager 5006i instrument and data extraction