Wetlands, surface waters and oceans

[ap_spacing spacing_height= »15px »] [ap_spacing spacing_height= »15px »]The oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. The monitoring and follow-up of our oceans is essential and carried out thanks to the remote sensing of the main water parameters such as: temperature, salinity, phytoplankton concentration… The Cartel is equipped with a laboratory specialized in the study of phytoplankton and … Continuer la lecture

Cryosphere and northern environments

[ap_spacing spacing_height= »15px »] Climate change is transforming the Arctic landscape. The global rise in temperature has a greater impact on certain regions and the impacts are varied: damage to permafrost, changes in snow cover affecting albedo, fauna and the quantity of water accumulated in watersheds. The study of snow cover is also extremely important from a … Continuer la lecture

Urban environmental study

The modification of rural and urban landscapes forces the rapid updating of useful information and maps for these territories. This update is used to support informed decision-making in areas such as land use planning, road safety, urban and interurban transportation. Lynda Bellalite (spatial planning, urban planning, road safety) Kalifa Goïta (satellite positioning, cadastre)

Environmental Risks and Human Security

Extreme weather events have been more frequent in recent years. Whether or not they are caused by climate change on a global scale, these events sometimes lead to disasters that must be managed. Meteorology is not the only area with which a risk measure is associated. Environmental and atmospheric pollution, risks associated with soil loss … Continuer la lecture

Agriculture, natural resources and land use management

[ap_spacing spacing_height= »15px »]The exploitation of land resources is putting increasing pressure on forest, wetland, agricultural and marine (or lake) environments. Northern environments are no exception. Whether it is for questions of oil exploitation, transportation or sovereignty, our specialists are there to help you acquire, understand and analyze basic knowledge about these environments. [ap_spacing spacing_height= »15px »] CARTEL researchers … Continuer la lecture

Atmosphere and air quality

[ap_spacing spacing_height= »15px »]The study of the atmosphere is essential to monitor the movement and characterization of gases and aerosols. Various international summits have been held on global climate change. The acquisition of knowledge in these areas is always of great importance since greenhouse gases, as well as various air pollutants and other aerosols, can change the … Continuer la lecture