Catherine Frizzle


PhD in remote sensing, image processing program


Richard Fournier

Field of research

Contribution of LiDAR to the quantification of ecological services in support of sustainable forest management

Forests provide a multitude of ecological services (ES), some of which may appear to be in opposition to timber harvesting. This project aims to develop ecological function indicators (FIs) based on airborne LiDAR data to support sustainable forest management. More specifically, the project aims to establish FIs for erosion control and water flow regulation SEs, as well as to determine whether the trade-off analysis between wood production SEs, erosion control SEs and water flow regulation SEs can be assessed on the basis of these indicators. To meet these objectives, the Soil and Water Assessment Tools (SWAT) hydrological model will be used to represent the hydrological processes of the watershed and assess the relevance of the FIs generated from the LiDAR.