Charlotte Smetanka


Master’s degree in Geographic Sciences, remote sensing research program


Richard Fournier et Yan Boucher

Field of research

Multi-scale spatial characterization of fire severity in a context of burned wood recovery in the boreal forest

In a context of global change, extreme natural events such as large-scale forest fires will increase and intensify (in frequency and severity), changing the composition and structure of Canada’s boreal forest. These drastic ecological changes are likely to have major impacts on boreal forest productivity. My control project is part of a national effort to assess and characterize fire severity in a black spruce regeneration modelling context. The primary objective of this study is to characterize the severity at three different spatial scales: in situ, by high spatial resolution images (Planetscope) and finally, by medium spatial resolution satellite images (Sentinel-2). The method developed aims to contribute to the standardization and effectiveness of assistance in planning the recovery of burned wood.