The oceans cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface. Surveillance and monitoring of our oceans is essential and done through remote sensing of water main parameters such as: temperature, salinity, phytoplankton concentration… The Cartel is equipped with a laboratory specialized in the study of phytoplankton and its optical properties. Freshwater is just as important: with over one million lakes, Canada has a large proportion of the world’s fresh water. Sources of freshwater are under increasing pressure: accelerated eutrophication of lakes in agricultural areas, increased contaminants from different sources, and efflorescence of cyanobacteria. Land use and climate change can cause changes in landscape properties, affecting the way lakes operate naturally.

The Canadian Lake Lifeline Monitoring Network: Lake Pulse is under the direction of Yannick Huot, researcher at the Cartel.

Yannick Huot (oceanography, surface hydrology, water quality)

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