Doctoral students at CARTEL (Université de Sherbrooke)

At CARTEL, approximately sixty students are conducting research for their Masters and Doctoral degrees at the Université de Sherbrooke. Students come to CARTEL with diverse academic backgrounds - engineers, physicists, geologists, geomaticians, biologists, and more - to pursue innovative projects using a variety of techniques in remote sensing. Graduate students at CARTEL play a vital role in collaborating with professors to advance scientific projects across a diverse range of research topics in remote sensing. In this section, current graduate students have contributed information about their studies at CARTEL.

Doctoral student Research supervisor
Ala Bahrami Kalifa Goïta (Codirector : Ramata Magagi)
Konstantin Baïbakov Norman T. O'Neill
Amirouche Benchallal Ramata Magagi and Kalifa Goïta
Bilel Chalghaf Goze Bertin Bénié
Alexandre Delahaye Goze Bertin Bénié
Najib Djama Ramata Magagi and Kalifa Goïta
Caroline Dolant Alexandre Langlois
Gregory Farage Goze Bertin Bénié and S. Foucher
Laure Hantz-Burnet Lynda Bellalite and Goze Bertin Bénié
Liviu Ivanescu Norman T. O'Neill
Sylvain G. Leblanc Richard Fournier
Nicolas Marchand Alain Royer
Benoît Montpetit Alain Royer
David Nassif Moussa Daou Norman T. O'Neill
Francine Nzang Essono Richard Fournier
Carina Poulin Yannick Huot
Joris Ravaglia Richard Fournier
Abdelmounaime Safia Dong-Chen He
Mozhdeh Shahbazi Jérôme Théau
Xin Wen Jérôme Théau


Recent graduates

Doctoral graduate Research supervisor
Jackson Acha Atam Dong-Chen He and Kalifa Goïta
Yann Blanchard Alain Royer and Norman T. O'Neill
Valeriy Cherkashyn Dong-Chen He
Ouassini Dari Denis Morin and Dong-Chen He
Florent Dupont Alain Royer and Michel Fily
Rosana Cristina Grecchi Goze Bertin Bénié and Hugh Gwyn
Antoine Leboeuf Richard Fournier
Alexandre Roy Alain Royer
Katia Stankov Dong-Chen He
Adama Telly Diepkilé Kalifa Goïta
Shems-Eddine Zidane Norman T. O'Neill (Codirecteurs : Martin Bergeron et Alain Royer)