Applied geomatics and photo-interpretation laboratories

Two laboratories are equipped with specially equipped computers with state-of-the-art geomatics and digital image processing resources.

Applied geomatics laboratory (room with 30 workstations with multimedia projector)

Photo-interpretation laboratory (room with 10 workstations with 2 screens, including a screen that supports stereo-ready to perform 3d vision with SUMMIT Evolution)

Data entry equipment such as GPS and spectroradiometers are available at environmental analysis laboratories and Remote sensing technology development laboratory – LD2T

Three professionals and a geomatics technician are available to assist users.

Those software are available at the laboratories:

  • ArcGIS: vector and raster geomatics
  • QGIS: vector and matrix geomatics
  • PCI / Geomatica; digital image processing
  • ENVI with IDL: digital image processing
  • Mathlab: physical analysis and digital image processing
  • SPSS: statistics
  • Summit Evolution: digital stereoscopic photo interpretation

The photo-interpretation laboratory has specific equipment for photo-interpretation and cartographic transposition, manual or electronic, of the data. It also has the equipment to integrate the data into a geographic information system.

Manager: Geneviève Crevier