Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at CARTEL

A central component of research projects at CARTEL is the training of graduate students (Masters and Doctoral studies), postdoctoral researchers and undergraduate interns. The diversity of research topics pursued by CARTEL members, scientific approaches, techniques, as well as the competence of our researchers and professional staff provide an exceptional learning environment for the study of remote sensing in Canada. Students and postdoctoral researchers gather from around the world to further their studies in remote sensing at CARTEL, located at the Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada).

In addition to CARTEL scholarships, graduate students usually receive funding from research grants awarded to their research supervisor. Scholarship students, or students eligible to apply for external scholarships (e.g. NSERC, FQRNT), are invited to contact CARTEL research members to discuss research topics in remote sensing.

Masters and doctoral studies

CARTEL research members supervise Masters and Doctoral students within the Department of Applied Geomatics (website in French) and the Engineering Faculty (website in French) in various areas of research. These academic programmes (website in French) attract students from diverse academic backgrounds – engineers, physicists, geologists, geomaticians, biologists, and more – who are interested in remote sensing and geomatics research.

Scholarships, Jobs and Doctoral et Masters Projects available
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Intern programmes

We welcome undegraduate students from a wide range of disciplines as research interns. If you are interested in the undergraduate intern programme or any of our research topics in remote sensing at CARTEL, you are welcome to contact the relevant CARTEL research member to discuss opportunities available for internships.

Training of postdoctoral researchers

We are proud of CARTEL’s postdoctoral researchers who play an important role in our research group. If you are interested in pursuing postdoctoral research at CARTEL, you are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible because funding is more challenging to arrange than for the masters and doctoral students.

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