Research topics

I am an oceanographer whose research focuses on phytoplankton ecophysiology, as well as ocean optics and remote sensing. Their main objective is to understand the interaction between phytoplankton and their environment. So I work at sea and in the laboratory, using numerical models. Finally, in addition to these passions, I am more and more interested in limnology.


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Current projects

Lake Pulse project. Remote sensing of ocean colour and modelling of primary production. Physiology of phytoplankton in the Arctic Marine photochemistry in the Arctic (water-atmosphere exchanges, climate change) Automated observation of plankton in lake environments Remote sensing and modelling of natural fluorescence.

Publications (selected articles)


  • Huot, Y. and Babin, M. (2010) Overview of fluorescence protocols : Theory, basic concepts, and practice. Chap. 3, p. 31-74, in Suggett, D., Borowitzka, M.A. and Prasil, O. (eds.) Chlorophyll a fluorescence in aquatic science : Methods and applications. Springer, Berlin, Developments in Applied Phycology vol. 4, 323 p. pdf