Research topics

I am a geomatician specializing in remote sensing of biogeophysical parameters. My interests are in remote sensing and geomatics applied to the environment, natural resources and natural hazards. I am specifically involved in the development of methods for estimating parameters from passive microwaves, radar and lidar altimetry for water in soil, snow or vegetation cover; variations in surface water levels, biomass and carbon in forest formations and agricultural environments; geomatics of fire and flood propagation; mining exploration, cadastral applications and mapping updating.


Current projects

Study of surface water level variations in heterogeneous environments by satellite altimetry (Topex-Poseidon, Jason, Envisat, Icesat) Estimation of soil moisture using ground measurements and airborne and satellite passive microwave data as part of the validation of SMOS data Estimation of vegetation water content and integration of remote sensing into forest fire propagation models Use of microPassive waves and satellite altimetry for estimating snow depth and water content Biomass and carbon from tropical forest formations Analysis of multi-source geoscience and remote sensing data combined with conventional surveys, for mining exploration purposes Synergy of spectral measurements for winter road maintenance decision support (pavement conditions)



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