Environmental Risks and Human Security

Extreme weather events have been more frequent in recent years. Whether or not they are caused by climate change on a global scale, these events sometimes lead to disasters that must be managed. Meteorology is not the only area with which a risk measure is associated. Environmental and atmospheric pollution, risks associated with soil loss and forest fires are only a few examples of situations where there is a need to assess risk. The latter ultimately have an impact on human health and safety. Let us not forget the human, which also has an impact on the ecosystems it touches. All of these risks require access to readily available and up-to-date information in order to make the necessary decisions or to be able to make projected scenarios.

Goze Bertin Bénié (health and epidemiology, agricultural geomatics, natural disasters, civil security)
Kalifa Goïta (environmental risks, floods, forest fires, environmental degradation)
Alexandre Langlois (improved prediction of avalanche hazards, snow modeling)
Norman T. O’Neill (atmospheric pollution)
Jérôme Théau (impacts of management practices on ecosystems, impact of infrastructures and human activities, environmental indicators)