NSERC Industrial Research Chair on the Valorisation of Earth Observations in Water Resources

Images from satellites provide important information on water resources for very large territories. A new NSERC Industrial Research Chair has been created to integrate this information into the streamflow forecasting process.

This chair, headed by Professor Robert Leconte of the Université de Sherbrooke, brings together several partners, including Hydro-Québec, Énergie Brookfield and the City of Sherbrooke. It aims to acquire knowledge and develop modeling approaches and tools to optimize the use of hydrometeorological information from satellites. The research carried out by this Chair will help inform the decisions of water resource managers, in particular to optimize hydroelectric production, while limiting the social and environmental impacts associated with significant water supplies.

The research chair will lead to the training of highly qualified personnel in water resources. She is currently looking for talented and motivated students who want to acquire knowledge of water resources and deepen them, while conducting innovative research activities at the master’s or doctoral level. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Professor Leconte at robert.leconte@usherbrooke.ca.

For more information on the Chair, please see this article: https://www.usherbrooke.ca/actualites/nouvelles/nouvelles-details/article/35054/