Liviu Ivanescu and Manfred the Muskox in Eureka

Among the researchers from various disciplines who use the polar laboratory in Eureka, Liviu Ivanescu, a doctoral student at CARTEL (Norm O’Neill, thesis supervisor), has just finished another successful setup of their starphotometer in the high Arctic.

His curiosity peaked by the scientific activity at Eureka, home to Canada’s northernmost research laboratory, Manfred the Muskox has shown particular interest in the starphotometer infrastructure.

Liviu and Manfred have developed an interesting symbiotic relationship: while Manfred the Muskox eats the starphotometer cables, Liviu benefits from the heartwarming presence of Manfred, a welcome friend during the long days and extreme rigour of working at a high Arctic research station.

Fortunately, Liviu and Manfred the Muskox are doing well despite the glacial cold and the big bad Arctic wolves.