Norman T. O’Neil

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I specialize in remote sensing of the physical parameters of the atmosphere. My main focus is to characterize atmospheric aerosols (smoke, dust, organic and marine particles) using ground, airborne or satellite sensors. The information I obtain from it is used to validate air quality models and to correct satellite images for atmospheric effects. My most recent research focuses on remote sensing of aerosols in the Arctic (PEARL Observatory in Eureka, Nunavut), on the analysis of pan-Canadian aerosols from the AEROCAN network, jointly managed by Environment Canada and my research team, and finally, on the analysis of Lidar data (Pulse Laser) from the CORAL-Net pan-Canadian network (a CORAL-Net Lidar is part of the equipment that I use).

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Current projects[ap_divider color= »#CCCCCC » style= »solid » thickness= »1px » width= »100% » mar_top= »20px » mar_bot= »20px »]Characterization of atmospheric aerosols in general and characterization of Arctic aerosols in particular Modelling of physical parameters of the atmosphere Study of aerosols during the night south of the polar night in the Arctic Evaluation of air quality models on a Canadian scale Use of data from the A-Train satellite constellation to study climate and interactions between radiation, clouds and atmospheric aerosols.

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