Jacob Laliberté

Program Master’s Degree Advisor Alexandre Langlois Field of research Avalanches Detection and simulation of ice crust in a context of snowpack stability and avalanche risk assessment on chic impacts from a 24GHz FMCW radar. Contact jacob.laliberte@usherbrooke.ca 579-488-3061

Kassi olivier SHAW

Program Master’s degree in Applied Geomatics Advisor Kalifa Goita Field of research Development of a Web GIS mapping application for mining research in Côte d’Ivoire Modelling the geostatistical distribution of coltan mineralization indicators using a WEB GIS to identify new prospective zones favourable to the accumulation of mineralized gravels in central western Côte d’Ivoire. Contact shak1601@usherbrooke.ca 873 … Continuer la lecture

Joëlle Voglimacci-Stéphanopoli

Program Master’s degree in Geography, Geographic Environment Program Field of research High resolution snow depth mapping using TerraSAR-X data and the SNOWPACK model: case study on Herschel Island, YK Advisor Alexandre Langlois Contact joelle.voglimacci-stephanopoli@usherbrooke.ca 819 821-8000, ext. 62506 GRIMP Page:

Camille Pelletier-Guittier

Program Master’s degree in Geographic Sciences Advisor Jérôme Théau Field of research Remote sensing of linear agroforestry developments: importance of their structure for wildlife The overall objective of the research is to explore the usefulness of remote sensing data for modelling the use of linear agroforestry (LAM) systems by medium and large mammals. Two remote … Continuer la lecture

Coralie Gautier

Program Master’s degree in geomatics research Advisor Alexandre Langlois Field of research Impact of climate change on caribou migration Study of habitat quality and migration patterns of Peary caribou in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago using a thermo-dynamic snow model and traditional knowledge. Publications Poster at the ArcticNet 2018 Conference and at CEN 2019 symposium Contact … Continuer la lecture