Keyvan Ranjbar

Program Ph.D. in Remote Sensing Advisor Norm O’Neill Field of research Identification and characterization of natural aerosols over the Arctic Contact 819 452-2200

Aurélie Schmidt

Program Master’s Degree Advisor Richard Fournier Field of research Mapping water-related ecosystem services for forest management in Harry’s Watershed, Newfoundland, Canada Development of a proxies-based method to quantify and map the sediment regulation service offer in a forest management context. Publications Colloque of Centre d’étude la forêt of 3rd May, Montréal 2016 : Cartographie des impacts des … Read more

Charlotte Smetanka

Program Master’s degree in Geographic Sciences, remote sensing research program Advisors Richard Fournier et Yan Boucher Field of research Multi-scale spatial characterization of fire severity in a context of burned wood recovery in the boreal forest In a context of global change, extreme natural events such as large-scale forest fires will increase and intensify (in frequency and … Read more

Batistin Bour

Program Master’s degree in Geomatics Advisors Richard Fournier, Yan Boucher, Luc Guindon Field of research Characterize the post-disruption increase of the boreal forest using airborne LiDAR: an approach to improving the site quality index. The project aims to use the LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) data to acquire data on young forest stands in the boreal forest … Read more

Alireza Aslemand

Program Master’s degree in Remote sensing Advisor Prof. Norm O’Neill Field of research Arctic aerosols characterization Contact 819 574-8372

Amirouche Benchallal

Program PhD in remote sensing Advisors Pr. Ramata Magagi et Pr. Kalifa Goita Field of research Understanding L-band gloss temperatures in multi-layer forest environments with a view to improving soil moisture estimation Using a first-order physical diffusion model based on radiative transfer theory, the work undertaken was carried out to identify the potential for estimating … Read more