Aurélie Schmidt

Program Master’s Degree Advisor Richard Fournier Field of research Mapping water-related ecosystem services for forest management in Harry’s Watershed, Newfoundland, Canada Development of a proxies-based method to quantify and map the sediment regulation service offer in a forest management context. Publications Colloque of Centre d’étude la forêt of 3rd May, Montréal 2016 : Cartographie des impacts des … Read more

Charlotte Smetanka

Program Master’s degree in Geographic Sciences, remote sensing research program Advisors Richard Fournier et Yan Boucher Field of research Multi-scale spatial characterization of fire severity in a context of burned wood recovery in the boreal forest In a context of global change, extreme natural events such as large-scale forest fires will increase and intensify (in frequency and … Read more

Batistin Bour

Program Master’s degree in Geomatics Advisors Richard Fournier, Yan Boucher, Luc Guindon Field of research Characterize the post-disruption increase of the boreal forest using airborne LiDAR: an approach to improving the site quality index. The project aims to use the LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) data to acquire data on young forest stands in the boreal forest … Read more

Juliette Lapeyre

Program Master of Science in Geography, Remote Sensing program Advisors Ramata Magagi et Kalifa Goïta Field of research Characterization of agricultural soils in saturated environments from radar images I apply moisture indices to Radarsat-2 images to assess the water saturation of agricultural soils according to their texture, taking into account crop moisture tolerance thresholds. Contact

Kassi Olivier SHAW

Program Master’s degree in Applied Geomatics Advisors Kalifa Goïta / Michaël Germain Field of research Development of a Web GIS mapping application for mining research in Côte d’Ivoire Mineral predictive mapping by modelling the geostatistical distribution of mineralization indicators: Application to columbo-tantalite deposits in west-central Côte d’Ivoire. Contact 873 200-7898

Rémi Tavon

Program Master’s degree in applied geomatics, geographic environments program Advisors Lynda Bellalite (co-advisor), Yacine Bouroubi (advisor), Samuel Foucher (external) Field of research Characterization of pedestrian corridors: automatic extraction of geographical features from urban panoramic images by convolutional neural networks The condition of pedestrian corridors, such as sidewalks, has a significant impact on the mobility of people with … Read more