Program PhD in Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing Physics program Advisors Kalifa Goita et Ramata Magagi Field of research Characterization of the hydrological regime of water bodies subjected to freezing and thawing from multi-satellite altimetry data Monitoring hydrological systems subject to ice action, as in Canada, requires the availability of a hydrometric measurement network capable of providing estimates … Read more

Bastien Vandendaele

Program PhD in Remote Sensing Advisor Richard Fournier Field of research Methods development using UAV-based lidar to support Enhanced Forest Inventory The Ph.D. focuses on the use of UAV-based LiDAR for the enhancement of forest inventories in boreal and temperate forests. It includes the development and the adaptation of specialized algorithms for the use of … Read more

Catherine Frizzle

Program PhD in remote sensing, image processing program Advisor Richard Fournier Field of research Contribution of LiDAR to the quantification of ecological services in support of sustainable forest management Forests provide a multitude of ecological services (ES), some of which may appear to be in opposition to timber harvesting. This project aims to develop ecological function indicators … Read more

Céline Vargel

Program PhD in Remote Sensing, Physics of Remote Sensing Advisors Alain Royer and Ghislain Picard Field of research Characterization of the Arctic snowpack and climate monitoring by microwave remote sensing The evolution of the climate system observed in recent decades implies changes in global snow cover. Regions of high northern latitudes are experiencing a more intense warming … Read more


Program PhD in Remote Sensing Advisor Kalifa Goïta Contact arifou.kombate@usherbrooke.ca 819 919-1427

Vincent Sasseville

Program PhD in Remote Sensing Physics Advisor Alexandre Langlois Field of research Remote sensing, snow modelling, Peary caribou Development of a Peary Caribou Habitat Quality Index integrating snow cover simulation and event detection extreme winter weather Contact Vincent.sasseville@usherbrooke.ca 819 943-0766