Bastien Vandendaele

Program Doctorat en télédétection Advisor Richard Fournier Field of research Methods development using UAV-based lidar to support Enhanced Forest Inventory The Ph.D. focuses on the use of UAV-based LiDAR for the enhancement of forest inventories in boreal and temperate forests. It includes the development and the adaptation of specialized algorithms for the use of LiDAR … Read more

Étienne Clabaut

Program Physics of Remote Sensing Advisors Mickaël Germain. Kalifa Goïta. Field of research Lithological mapping by modelling radiative transfer in a mining context. An open pit being mined is used as a planetary regolith analogue for spectral studies. Observations made directly at the site confirm that the pit soil falls within the definition of regolith. The Hapke … Read more

Farzam Fatolazadeh

Program PhD in remote sensing, remote sensing physics program Advisor Kalifa Goita Field of research Reduction of the spatial resolution of the GRACE satellite Improving and downscaling terrestrial water storage data from GRACE mission to study groundwater storage variations, vegetation growth and drought Publications Fatolazadeh, F., Voosoghi, B., & Naeeni, M. R. (2016). Wavelet and Gaussian approaches … Read more

Anaïs Oliva

Program PhD in Remote Sensing Advisor Yannick Huot Field of research Evaluation of Earth Observation Indicators for the Analysis of the Distribution of Water-Related Infectious Diseases in Canadian Lakes Water-related infectious diseases can be directly transmitted to humans through the presence of different pathogens in lakes, such as coliforms (e.g. Escherichia coli). Lakes can also play an … Read more

Alexandre Simoneau

Program PhD in Remote Sensing Advisors Martin Aubé, Norman T. O’Neill Field of research Light pollution modelling Design of an optimized model of the propagation of artificial light in the night environment based on spaceborne observations. Publications Articles: M. Aubé, A. Simoneau, R. Wainscoat, and L. Nelson, « Modelling the effects of phosphor converted LED lighting to the … Read more

Yasmin Aboel Fetouh

Program PhD in Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing Physics Advisor Norm T. O`Neill Field of research Model evaluation using ground based measurements over the Arctic with a focus on intensive parameters. Contact